Niura Emerald

The glory of a forgotten kingdom. The richness of an ancient culture. The magic of the tales of 1001 Nights. You can see and feel all this and much more with Niura.

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Niura is a watch like no other. It represents the perfect combination of great traditional craftsmanship and innovative 21st century engineering – made in Switzerland. Niura represents the breathtaking marriage between the art of jewelry and the artistry of the chronometer with the highest possible precision.

Niura not only houses a flying tourbillon as part of its breathtaking design. Because Niura is slightly larger than a common ladies’ watch, Giberg Haute Horlogerie invented a swinging frame which allows Niura to cling perfectly to every wrist.

The visible Tourbillon combined with the breathtaking lustre of the stones of the highest quality results in a dancing duo never before seen in such brilliance.

Niura is an ultra-limited single-item watch available as an individual customized edition.

Technical Facts

Niura’s stunning precision comes from the Trilevis 6118, the revolutionary new Flying Tourbillon, developed and engineered from the ground up by Giberg Haute Horlogerie exclusively for its own watch collection.

Niura has a case with red gold, a sapphire dial and is set with diamonds and rubies. The red bracelet is made with lizard leather.
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